Corporate/Commercial Print Sales:

If you'd like additional information about our art prints for hospitality or corporate installations please email prints@taddmyers.com or call 214-752-2372.

After Receiving your print:

Your print will arrive in a long 5" square box.  It will be carefully rolled in a sheet of archival Glassine for safe delivery.  Once your box has arrived carefully remove the print from the box and roll it out on a clean, dry table top.  Due to temperature and humidity changes in transit print curling may occur.  To flatten your print place the print image side down on the glassine.  Place a large poster or foam board over the flat print as well as a few small items to weigh it down.  Allow the print to remain in this "flattening" state for 24 hours.  This process should remove most if not all of the curl.  Now the print can be framed properly.

Framing Recommendations:

Our prints are sized to fit many “standard” frame sizes that are readily available at your local frame store.

Whenever possible always use UV glass.

If you’re planning on custom matting & framing your print, be sure to use Acid free matt and backing.

Tadd Myers Photography Size Chart