Honduras is a land of people deeply rooted in family, culture, and generosity. I traveled to this beautiful and remote country with a medical mission organization called Honduras Outreach. Our 12 member team included doctors, nurses, therapists, and myself. Life in rural Honduras could not be any more opposite from life here in America. This is one of the poorest countries in the world. However, the people we met resonated an aura of genuine happiness. The people of Honduras have an innocence about them similar to America perhaps a century ago. Priorities are deeply rooted in family and basic needs. Generosity and a caring nature are a staple of Honduran life. Selfishness and materialism have not corrupted these people. It is these proud and humble people who made me reflect on my life and what my roles and responsibilities are in the world. I hope these images move you to search for your own true priorities and happiness.

-Tadd Myers, 2000

**A portion of the proceeds from these print sales will be donated to Honduras Outreach - www.HOI.org