Tadd Myers Photography is about telling a story. Whether it be through one frame or a series of images, I love making photographs that speak about the subject. I'm drawn to location choices that complement a subject yet recede enough to allow the subject to dominate the image.

Since growing up in Houston, TX in my father's printing company, I've always enjoyed the meticulous nature of my business. From operating an offset press at the age of 15, I learned the importance of quality craftsmanship that has remained an important aspect throughout my life. What I truly love about photography is both the technical and artistic sides. It's the balance of both of these that create interesting images that resonate with the viewer.

In this day of digital media and our constant bombardment by visual clutter, it is so important to make imagery that tells its story in an elegant and unique way. Whether it's a still photograph or a motion video, I enjoy making images that successfully communicate my client's vision.

I live in beautiful Grapevine, TX along with my wife Rebecca and our two kids... Noah (16) and Annalise (14).

 --Tadd Myers

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