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My name is Tadd Myers and I've been working as a  photographer for over twenty years. For me photography is about telling a story in a beautiful and unique way. I love making photographs that speak about the subject and describe the world at which they occupy. I am fascinated by the ability of humans to create physical objects out of various material especially material derived from nature such as metal, wood, leather, etc. I love getting to witness the process from which my subjects work to create new objects that are both artistically beautiful and useful. It is from this personal fascination which the American Craftsman project was born and continues to be of interest to me.

Since growing up in Houston, TX in my father's printing company, I've always enjoyed the meticulous nature of my business. From operating an offset press at the age of 15, I learned the importance of quality craftsmanship that has remained an important aspect throughout my life. What I truly love about photography is both the technical and artistic sides. It's the balance of both of these that create interesting images that resonate with the viewer.

On this website you'll find many of my favorite images.  I truly appreciate your interest in my work and I would be honored if you purchased one of our prints to be placed in your home.

Thank you again for visiting and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments... prints@taddmyers.com

-Tadd Myers

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60" wide framed print

 45" wide framed prints